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Our hearts grow three sizes every someone recommends the FeetUp Trainer to their community! We’re super proud of how this unique tool helps increase creativity and safety in movement, and want to support others whose life’s goal is to create community with a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Yoga teachers, as well as yoga studio owner or staff member
  • Fitness trainer
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  • Sport coach
  • Medical doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional
  • Military veteran or active service member


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Introduce originality in your school or gym

Testimonials prove it, and we've seen it many times: while it brings more safety and engagement to your students, the FeetUp® Trainer is a very helpful, original and creative partner in any studio or gym that wants to increase its attractivity.

  • Yoga beginners will be thrilled to achieve the headstand (or better yet, the FeetUp® Posture) safely & successfully, at the first attempt
  • advanced yogis can expand and refresh their practice with many new creative asanas and bodyweight exercises
  • fitness enthusiasts will enjoy a very original way of relaxing their body, bringing in even more health benefits after an intense workout

Bulk orders get 20%-25% discount

Orders of minimum 6 FeetUp® Trainers get a 20% discount, by using the code “BULKORDER” at checkout.

For bigger orders of 19-24 units, we offer 25% discount with the code “BULKORDER25”.

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increases students' self-confidence

makes inversions
safe & easy

stackable and