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Inversions, simplified.

No pressure, no worries.

Classic headstands are a leading cause for neck injuries in yoga studios. The cervical spine was not designed to support our entire bodyweight! Not only will you learn how to safely invert with your FeetUp® Trainer, you’ll learn valuable skills on how to helps others do the same with playful ease.

Alignment, supported.

Expand your yogic toolkit!

Over the course of our long weekend training, we share valuable insight on how to use the FeetUp® Trainer to better understand and create proper alignment from the ground up.


From practical teaching tips on how to support all students to in-depth study of layered progressions and anatomy, attendees develop a strong foundation in personal practice to provide solid and knowledge support for their home community.

It’s time to switch perspective.

Experience true freedom in your yoga practice!

With the FeetUp® Trainer, turning the world upside is just a small part of the countless ways your body can move freely! Imagine moving through flows with complete support, control, safety, and trust... the possibilities are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions

For full information on our Teacher Trainings, please make sure to read the comprehensive FAQ below:

The FeetUp® Training & Certification Course provides the necessary skills to use the FeetUp® Trainer™ as an effective tool in the development a well-rounded movement practice. We offer a deep dive into the anatomy of inverting safely with ease while providing guided support on how fully share the experience with clear communication and trust.

Yoga Alliance

At the completion of the Training, all attendees receive a certificate recognizing their participation and 20 Yoga Alliance CEU hours of study. Students have the option of choosing to complete an additional 10 CEU homework hours (including pre- and post-requisites) to be recognized as a Certified FeetUp® Instructor.

  • Dissecting what an "inversion" is, what "safety" means, and the application of both for the practitioner's body
  • Understanding body awareness while upside down and how to clearly communicate with others while they are practicing
  • How to effectively us the FeetUp Trainer to build a safe inversion practice from the ground up for students of all levels
  • Exploring established sequences and variations to effectively develop accessible progressions for personalized flows.
  • Best practices for using the FeetUp Trainer as a multi-purpose yoga prop in the everyday classroom for a variety of asana support including (but not limited to): back bends, forward folds, balance poses, twists, lunges, angles, inversions, and yin poses.
  • Frameworks for hosting workshops and ongoing class series for optimal community support.

While the focus is primarily for yoga teachers, our training holds great value for those looking to develop a comprehensive experience with the FeetUp® Trainer. The experience caters to yogis of all levels, directions, and walks of life.

If you answers YES to one or more of the following questions, then this training is definitely for you:

  • As a student, do you wish to deepen your practice and understanding of alignment and safe inversions?
  • As an instructor, are you looking to expand your teaching toolkit and workshop offerings?
  • As a studio owner, is your goal to create a safe & stable environment for your community to practice inversions and develop new skills, regardless of age or physical capability?
  • As a physical therapists or body worker, do you want to discover new helpful tools for promoting spinal health and longevity?

The FeetUp family of teachers and partner studios is both worldwide and incredibly welcoming. You’ll have access to a vibrant global teacher community, ongoing education from our lead trainers, and potential opportunities to host official trainings and workshops in your area! If you’re excited about the countless ways the FeetUp® Trainer™ can support a healthy movement practice, we want to support YOUR practice of sharing that excitement with others.

Our 20 hour course is spread over two and a half days – A half-day on Friday afternoon leads into two full days (Saturday & Sunday) with a midday break for lunch.

The study material includes:

  • FeetUp® 101. The FeetUp® Trainer™ is a valuable tool for developing a safe and supported movement from the ground up. Learn how to design a dynamic, alignment-focused self practice that best fits your needs.
  • The Art of Inverting Safely. We’ll take a close look a what an "inversion" is, what "safety" means, and the effects they have on both the practitioner and their practice. (AP)
  • How to Create Trust Through Proper Alignment. The FeetUp® Trainer™ creates countless opportunities as multi-purpose yoga prop in the everyday classroom to better connect with and safely explore a variety of asana— including (but not limited to): back bends, forward folds, balance poses, twists, lunges, angles, inversions, and yin poses. (TTP)
  • Understanding Body Awareness Through Effective Communication. Learn how to better study and share alignment cues (with others and yourself) at all points during practice— upside down, right side up, inside out, and outside in. (TTP + TM)
  • Exploring Layering and Progression. Study best practices to introduce the FeetUp® Trainer™ into practices for students of all levels, with large focus on complete beginners through intermediate students. (TTP + TM)
  • Developing Sequences and Variations. Learn to design accessible frameworks for more personalized flows. (TTP + TM)
  • Curriculum Guidelines and Best Teaching Practices. In-depth discussion around how to best introduce the FeetUp® Trainer™ to your home community— including hosting workshops, ongoing class series, and private sessions. (YPLE + TTP)

In addition to world class instruction alongside a group of exciting and talented students, each participant will receive the official FeetUp® Teaching Manual… as well as access to a great bulk discount and a couple other lovely surprises ;)

Yoga Alliance

Yes! At the completion of the training, all attendees will receive a certificate recognizing their participation and 20 Yoga Alliance contact hours of study. Students have the option of choosing to complete an additional 10 non-contact hours of home study (including pre- and post-requisites) to be recognized as a Certified FeetUp® Instructor.

Please click here to view this event on the Yoga Alliance YACEP event page.

The weekend training is designed purely for students to experience through practice and dialog. There are no written tests or required teach-backs as part of the in-person curriculum. However, students who wish to become fully certified and endorsed by FeetUp® have the option of completing an additional 10 non-contact hours of home study (including pre- and post-requisites) to be recognized as a certified FeetUp® Instructor.

  • Yoga Mat
  • Water Bottle
  • Your favorite pen or pencil (or both)
  • Snacks to keep your energy up (more if you’d like to share)
  • An open mind!

Nope! We’ll have one there for you to use.

While it may help you prepare for the weekend, you do not need to own a Trainer™ to participate... although you may want to buy one while at the training (at a special price, of course) so you have something nice to come home to ;)

We generally try to hold trainings at studios that already have FeetUp® Trainers on site. While there is a chance some may be up for sale afterwards, we have no way of knowing in advance. Your best bet is to purchase online. To do so, simply click here.

  • Each training has a promotional Early Bird pricing available. Make sure you purchase early to get the best price!
  • Studios that purchase in bulk (6 to 19 Trainers) get 50% off one ticket!
  • Studios that purchase 20 or more Trainers get one full ticket FREE!
  • There are a limited number of scholarships and low-income tickets available in special circumstances.

We recommend that you have a minimum of 6 months (ideally a minimum of one year) of a consistent yoga and/or fitness practice before enrolling to ensure that all participants have a basic understanding of fundamental postures and frameworks. If upon showing up a participant isn’t ready or able to fully participate/understand the basic curriculum, we will kindly insist they defer training until ready.

100% OK! We totally support anyone who wants to deepens their practice and understanding of yogic movement and our three-day training is the perfect vessel to do just that.

The program has been designed to give all participants the baseline knowledge necessary to continually teach themselves how to elevate their yoga practice using the FeetUp Trainer during the in-person training, and offering the additional 10 hours of homework to those who desire full teaching certification.

You know you way better than we ever will, and recommend that you check with a trusted physician before enrolling. All attendees must sign a release waiver stating they are able to take the class and fully disclosing any pre-existing conditions that could be potential health risks.

With your doctor’s permission and release, certain low-level minor physical challenges may serve as helpful teaching tools for leaning to work with students with similar limitations.

First of all, congratulations on your special condition!

As stated above, you know you much better than anyone else. While many people have safely practiced with their FeetUp while pregnant, every body is different and it all comes down to how it feels in your body. Prospective attendees who are expecting should check in with their primary care provider to ensure they are clear to participate in this inversion-friendly and possibly physically demanding training.

As is the case when purchasing tickets to the opera, the show must go on regardless of who is in the audience! In order to register for any of our trainings, attendees must pay in full up front at the time of registration.

All sales are final and non-refundable, although participants who are unable to attend are allowed to sell or transfer their ticket to another who meets all minimum requirements. In the event that a prospective attendee is unable to attend, we will consider deferring enrollment towards a future training (provided there is space) on a case-by-case basis.

In order to graduate the training and receive the full 20 Continuing Education credit hours, the only requirement is full in-room participation for each session of all three days of the weekend. All students who successfully meet this requirement will receive a certificate recognizing 20 in-person hours as a Certified FeetUp Practitioner!

To receive full FeetUp® Teacher Certification, any students who successfully completes the 20 in-person hours may choose to do another 10 remote "post-requisite" hours up to 6 months from the end of their training weekend. Guidelines for homework completion will be distributed at the training.

We respectfully require that all participants must be at least 16 years old to participate. Prospective attendees between 16 and 18 years are required to provide written consent from their legal guardian 30 days prior to the training.

All students are responsible for their own health and wellbeing outside of the training — including housing, transportation, and meals... we’ll take care of the rest! Although we do not organize accommodations, we encourage all participants to connect with each other on the Facebook Event Page for their specific training as a resource for home- and ride-sharing!

Every participant will receive their very own FeetUp Teacher Training Manual at the start of their training to use as they please and take home for future reference. Additionally, every participant will be provided with a FeetUp Trainer to borrow for the duration of the experience!

The average class size ranges from 25 to 30 participants, although number may vary depending on the space.

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